Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A court in Oslo has released the father and uncle of a prisoner who was spirited away from a family gathering


Mohammad Akbar

The prisoner remains at large.

The judge at the custody hearing didn't think the police had strong enough evidence to hold Mohammad Akbar's father and uncle. The police had charged them in Akbar's abduction, suspecting it actually was a prison escape.

Police at first were unsure whether Akbar, who has convictions for assault, making threats and sexual misconduct, was kidnapped by enemies or whether the abduction was a ruse to free him from prison.

He had been allowed to visit his family in Oslo's Alnabru district on Friday, accompanied by prison guards, when masked and armed men burst into the home, tied up the guards and took Akbar with them.

On Saturday, though, Akbar himself called his defense lawyer and said he wanted to turn himself in. He still hadn't done so as of Tuesday morning.

Father held in prisoner’s disappearance

Masked men attacked prison guards, grabbed prisoner


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