Thursday, July 20, 2006

Many in the African American community say black on black crime in Memphis is out of control

Melissa Moon:

"I hate to hear breaking news cause I always think who got killed this time," said Hickory Hill homeowner Freddie Askew.

What angers Freddie Askew even more is that the number of African American victims keeps piling up.

"Jim Crow didn't destroy us, racism didn't destroy us, it is us destroying us," said Askew.

Already this year, Memphis has seen 91 homicides. A breakdown shows 89% of the victims are Black. And 84% of those accused of murdering the men, women and children, are also African American. 96% of the suspects are male.

"We're just as upset as anybody. I mean it angers me," said Memphis NAACP Executive Director Johnnie Turner.

Turner says what's happening is the destruction of a race that took decades to build up. And it's this senseless destruction that makes it hard for the NAACP to fulfill it's goals in the black community.

"What good is it for us to open the doors if those for whom the doors are open aren't here?" "It's time that we as African Americans started to take some of the responsibility for what's going on. We have broken homes," said Askew.

Pastor Kenneth Whalum Junior says black on black crime is the result of inner city poverty. He says it's time for other African Americans in the city to step in and help.

"If young people are exposed to people that would let them see that you don't have to end up in poverty," said Pastor Whalum.

But Turner says it's not just a "black" problem. Even if you don't live where the bullets are flying the weight is on everyone.

"White folks have a stake in this, black folks, the city, the county," said Turner.

This issue is not just effecting Memphis. Other large urban cities are dealing with the same thing.


Black On Black Crime: Who's To Blame?


At 1:46 AM, Anonymous Nick T said...

Hell,I suggest a weekly free-for-all shoot-out at a local sports field.No admintance fee,supply your own weapons and ammo[losers equipment will be confiscated]-within three months,the crime rate will have markedly decreased.Also,a lot less Niggers.


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