Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A 41-year-old woman faces charges of attempted murder and assault after witnesses say she pointed a gun at her boss and pulled the trigger


Karan Clifton

Karan Clifton was arraigned Thursday. The Anchorage Police Department says she pulled a gun from her purse while meeting with her supervisor, pointed it at him and tried to shoot. It didn't go off, and he was able to wrestle her to the floor and get the gun away. Investigators say another worker saw the whole thing.

“Fortunate for him that there was no live bullet in the chamber and it went click instead of bang,” said Lt. Paul Honeman of APD. “It's - probably at this time he might want to go to Vegas and use his good fortune here elsewhere.”

Apparently Clifton had not been properly documenting the distribution of morphine to patients. When her supervisor said Clifton needed a mental evaluation before going back to work, police say Clifton pulled the gun out of her purse.

”It really is a pretty serious issue - workplace violence,” Honeman said. “We're pretty fortunate here in Anchorage and Alaska that it's a fairly low rate in comparison.”

Clifton faces more than 20 years in prison, if convicted.

Providence extended care incident


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