Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The British government is to resume deporting failed Zimbabwean asylum seekers

BBC News:

Justice Henry Hodge said asylum-seekers linked to Zimbabwean opposition parties were most likely to face ill-treatment.

Deportations were halted in 2005 after the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal (AIT) ruled Zimbabwe was unsafe for all failed asylum seekers.

But in April the High Court ordered the AIT to reconsider its decision.

Approximately 300 Zimbabweans were returned to the country, not all forcibly, before the AIT effectively halted all removals last October.

Its ruling in a test case meant, in effect, that the very act of claiming asylum in the UK endangered Zimbabweans so the government was obliged to protect them.

Immigration minister Liam Byrne said the new ruling provided the basis for a resumption of enforced returns.

Mr Byrne said the government remained "deeply concerned" about the appalling human rights situation in Zimbabwe and recognised there were Zimbabweans who were in genuine fear of persecution, but deportations were also necessary.

"Enforcing the return of those who have no right to remain here is a key part of upholding a robust and fair asylum system.

"It is therefore essential that we resume returns to send a clear signal to those who come here believing they can abuse the system that they will not be allowed to stay unless they have a genuine need for protection," he said.

Reid gets green light to return asylum seekers to Zimbabwe

Enforced deportations to Zimbabwe to resume


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