Monday, August 07, 2006

How illegal immigration threatens every American

James Fulford lists important points from Pat Buchanan's new book on the dangers of illegal immigration:

Fact: our illegal population today is greater than the total number of Irish, Jewish, and British immigrants who ever came to the U.S.

Why the reigning Republicans ignore the law and do little or nothing to stop illegal immigration

How mass immigration inevitably tilts the center of gravity of American politics to the Left

How the numbers of Americans of European descent are rapidly decreasing — and the political and social implications

Eurabia on the rise: the devastating consequences of unrestricted immigration in Europe

How Los Angeles today provides a glimpse of what all of America will be like in 2050

An “American creed”? Why those who believe that the ideas of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Gettysburg Address hold us together as a nation are distorting or reinventing history

Why Mexico’s President Fox has done nothing to help secure the U.S.-Mexican border — and has actually abetted the invasion of the U.S. by millions of illegal aliens

The decisive step that the Mexican government took in 1998 toward building a potent political machine within the United States

Fact: not only are arguments about the economic benefits provided by illegal aliens false, but illegal immigration also constitutes a massive drain on our economy

The Mexican War is not over: its deep impact on contemporary immigration politics

Why importing a vast diaspora from a neighboring nation so different from our own is such a hellish risk

How the United States Government threw up its hands and abdicated its constitutional duty to protect the states from invasion by illegal aliens over four decades ago

Why it is difficult, if not impossible, for cities to get control of the growing crime menace of immigrants and illegal aliens

Latin elites that are doing everything they can to prevent the assimilation of Mexican immigrants into American culture

John F. Kennedy and immigration: how, in 1991, the U.S. took in twelve times more immigrants than what JFK stated in the early 1960s as an acceptable annual limit

Bush’s guest worker plan: how it provoked a surge to the border

How, as Republicans dither, some Democrats are beginning to see the potency among voters of the illegal immigration issue

How, rather than fading away, issues of nationality long considered dead are resurfacing today

Why so many children of Asian-American and Hispanic immigrants are assimilating into a deadly subculture of gangs and crime

How even conservatives now routinely denounce as “racist,” “nativist“ and “xenophobic” anyone who argues that mass migration from the Third World risks disuniting and even destroying America

How we must recapture control of immigration policy from politicians paralyzed by fear of ethnic lobbies and cultural contributors, or immobilized by ideology

Why ideology and democracy are not enough to save America — and what we need most now to trump the call of ethnicity

Six critical steps that must be taken now to secure America’s borders and preserve the republic

The NYT Spots the Latest Trend: Dying Alone

Bookstore Abundance

Will Oil Field Collapse Mean Increased Mexican Emigration?

Senator Sessions No Likey The Pence-Hutchison Plan

The Progressive Populist and Immigration


At 2:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Arizona Republic reported a couple of weeks ago that a Scottsdale, AZ woman is going to be indicted for trying to evade federal banking deposit rules. After Lucy Lu took over $300,000 from her massage business she hid over half of the money in a safe in her house and then made small deposits with the rest into her mother's bank account.

Aside from the obvious question of: "who cares what this woman does with her money?", there is a bigger issue here. I got into a discussion on immigration on an e-mail list I belong to soon after this story broke. When (not if) the economy here goes down the tubes, it will give Americans an incentive to look for jobs elsewhere. As in outside the United States.

However, what is also at risk when the economy goes sour is a potential "brain drain" as well. If people here decide to up and leave for more prosperous parts of the world or just leave because their dollars would do better in countries like Mexico, the U.S. government will have ample time to legally stop them. By withdrawing money from your account, like this woman did, the feds can then flag your profile on their terrorist lists holding you up at your point of departure. Younger people could also be prevented from leaving too too since fewer young people means not only the lack of a potential long-time taxpayer but someone who could make more children.

With the new immigration restrictions via passports that will be fitted with RFID technology that will enable tracking of the passport's holder required to enter Mexico, some Carribean islands and Canada; the legalized monitoring and tracking of citizens that have come as a result of the USA PATRIOT Act and with National Guard troops being stationed at the U.S.-Mexico border and in our nation's airports; the ability to leave the U.S. will be harder and I would dare to argue the stage is set to forcibly keep Americans in the United States.

While I respect your right to advocate "securing our borders" it would do you well to keep these points I have brought up in mind. The powers granted to the federal government can not only be used to keep people out but can also be used to keep you in. Sacrificing liberty for security will get you neither.


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