Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A massive rise in immigration is wrecking the quality of life in Britain

David Wooding:

Soaring house prices, water shortages, gridlocked roads and over-stretched public services are all linked to the population explosion.

The influx is also blamed for family strife as couples split under pressure of coping with higher housing costs.

And things are set to get worse, with a 7.2million growth in population predicted over 30 years — mostly from immigration.

Tory MP Julian Brazier, of the Cornerstone group of MPs, challenges party leader David Cameron to back his “quality of life” campaign with a tough immigration policy.

Mr Brazier says: “Overcrowding is a key cause of many factors which are destroying quality of life.”

It comes a day after leaked government papers said schools, hospitals and housing face disaster from immigration pressures.

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