Tuesday, August 01, 2006

An NYPD recruit tried to have his girlfriend killed

Oren Yaniv:

Kabeer Din

An NYPD recruit was so enraged that his girlfriend snubbed his marriage proposal that he tried to have her killed yesterday - but his "hit man" was really an undercover cop who helped end his fledgling law enforcement career, police said.

Kabeer Din, 22, who was three weeks into his NYPD Police Academy training, thought he was offering $3,000 to a contract killer at a clandestine meeting in a Holtsville, L.I., strip mall.

Instead, the supposed hit man was an undercover Suffolk County cop, who videotaped Din agreeing to a murder-for-hire scheme, cops said.

"Din revealed to the undercover that he wanted the girlfriend killed," said NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne.

The wanna-be cop hoped to rub out his 24-year-old girlfriend because "he wanted to get married, she wanted to wait," a police source said.

The NYPD got wind of the plot when Din asked a contact with construction ties to hook him up with a professional killer. But the contact tipped Internal Affairs cops, and the NYPD set up yesterday's sting.

Din was worried it might be suspicious if he took out a lot of cash just before his girlfriend went missing, so he offered the phony hit man $200 and his credit card, police said. The pair hashed out the details inside the cop's car, and Din was cuffed as soon as he stepped out of the undercover's car, about 12:30 p.m.

Din faces one count of second-degree conspiracy; he spent last night in Suffolk County Police Department's 3rd Precinct in Bay Shore awaiting arraignment.

Din had been considered a good catch for the July 10 NYPD Academy class. He was transferring with recommendations from the Baltimore Police Department, which he had joined in August 2005, police said.

Din's uncle, an NYPD cop in Brooklyn, recommended him for the force, a source said. Din passed all psychological, physical and background checks, police said.

Neighbors in Seldon, L.I., said Din had popped by his uncle's home Sunday. Cops went to the home and removed Din's police gear. His aunt told a reporter she had never heard of Din.

Police Cadet Charged in Plot to Have His Girlfriend Killed


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