Friday, August 18, 2006

Two men found guilty of murdering three members of a family in a revenge shooting in north-west London have been jailed for life at the Old Bailey

BBC News:

Letts and Chung were convicted of three murders

Sisters Connie and Lorna Morrison and their stepfather Noel Patterson were shot dead in their flat last August.

The jurors heard Rohan Chung, 30, and Michael Letts, 36, had taken revenge for being double crossed in a drugs deal with the women's brother, Morgan.

Chung and Letts will serve a minimum of 40 years and 20 years respectively.

Handing Chung three life sentences, Judge Gerald Gordon recommended that he should be deported after serving his sentence for the "truly appalling crimes".

He told Chung, of South Norwood, south London: "In all probability you were not one of the actual gunmen but were the organiser.

"The message must go out that this sort of wanton use of guns to kill will result in sentences so long that there will be little if any liberty at the end."

The judge described Letts, of Stoke Newington, north London, as a "foot soldier" who may not have realised what was planned.

After the verdict it emerged that Chung had been removed from the UK several times, including being deported to Jamaica in 2000 after being convicted of gun crime.

He had also entered the UK on previous occasions using stolen Jamaican passports.

Prosecutors said Letts had entered the UK on a student visa in 2002 and had leave to remain until next year.

While refusing to comment on individual cases, a Home Office spokesman said it planned to "further strengthen our borders, backed by biometrics and tougher checks abroad, so that only those with permission can travel to the UK".

The trial heard Morgan Morrison had been acting as a drugs mule for Chung, who had set up a business importing drugs from Jamaica to the UK.

But when he disappeared after landing back in England, Chung flew into a rage and said Mr Morrison and his family would be killed for crossing him.

Prosecutor Nicholas Hilliard said: "It looked as if Mr Morrison was going to rip Chung off and keep the drugs for himself."

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