Thursday, August 10, 2006

Who are the Mexicans?

William H. Calhoun III:

The liberal, secular Enlightenment gave birth to the “proposition nation” – beloved by both Leftists and neoconservatives. According to the proposition nation, to be a citizen one only has to believe in a few propositions. For example, if one believes in a few abstract notions (e.g. the American flag is good, etc.) then he can have citizenship.

Historically, this is a very radical concept, and a complete break from traditional Western Civilization, where kin and kith were integral to any understanding of a country. Prior to recent times, territories would be defined by a common history, clans, bloodlines, regional localities and loyalties, common genealogy, blood and soil, kin and kith. Thomas Jefferson, for example, thought that a nation without a common genealogy could not survive. Leftists and neoconservatives, however, want to stamp out all memory of traditional forms of association – and so far are succeeding.

With a concept of traditional citizenship in hand, let’s look at the current illegal immigration situation, especially immigration from Mexico. Who are these people? To what bloodline do they belong?

With the exception of a very small Mexican upper class of pure European blood, the vast majority of Mexicans fall into either two camps:

(1) Pure Amerindians

(2) “Mixed” (mostly Amerindian with a few diluted drops of Spaniard blood)

So, either way, they are completely Amerindian or mostly Amerindian. But who are the Amerindians? Whence did they come? They originally came from Asia. So, in terms of genetics, Mexicans are primarily Asian.

Furthermore, Mexicans correctly self-identify as non-white, non-European. They identify as dwellers of Aztlan: those first Asians who came to North America between 12,000 and 30,000 years ago. And it is no coincidence that Mexicans despise the Western way of life.

Only look at Mexicans’ version of “Catholicism,” and their call for the removal of all “European elements” from the liturgy. Like the followers of Voodoo in Haiti, they want to remove all Western elements from their version of “Catholicism” and to replace them with forms of native paganism. In terms of traditional theology, and their rejection of European traditionalist theology, Mexicans are not even ‘Christian’ in the traditional creedal sense of the word.

What does this mean for America? If Leftists and neoconservatives succeed and the U.S. remains a “proposition nation,” our way of life will end. Under current immigration projections, it is very likely that the U.S. will cease being a “Western nation” and become just another corrupt, third-world nation. Aztlan will live again.

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