Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Zimbabwean man is in police custody after allegedly making insulting remarks about President Robert Mugabe

BBC News:

Tichaona Muchabaiwa was arrested at the weekend at a police roadblock, the official Herald newspaper reports.

Mr Muchabaiwa, director of a fuel supply firm, is expected to appear in court on Wednesday.

He is to be charged under a law that makes it illegal to "undermine the authority of or insult the president," a police spokesman said.

"The suspect was very unco-operative, abusive and made derogatory remarks against the president of Zimbabwe," the Herald quoted police spokesman Andrew Phiri as saying.

"He also faces a charge of resisting arrest," Mr Phiri told the newspaper said.

People convicted under the law in question normally receive a short jail or community service sentence, or a fine.

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