Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Britons want tough new restrictions on migrant workers amid fears that immigrants are harming schools and damaging the national culture

Hugh Muir:

Three-quarters of the 2,000 people polled for the Tonight With Trevor McDonald: Open Door UK programme felt limits should be put on the number of people allowed into the UK or the type of work they were allowed to do.

Only 4% believed the government had immigration under control. Eight out of 10 said migrants took jobs from British workers.

Two out of three people questioned by YouGov said they believed migrants were causing an erosion of British culture. The issue could have party political implications. Almost half said they were less likely to vote Labour because of the party's policy on migrant workers.

The programme will also hear claims from Chris Woodhead, former chief inspector of schools, who says education standards have dropped as a result of the arrival of migrant children. He warns that the arrival of large numbers of Bulgarians and Romanians will trigger a crisis unless the government invests significant extra resources to help teachers.

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