Friday, September 01, 2006

Mother in abuse case will be deported to Mexico

Cassidy Friedman:

A mother accused of allowing abuse of her 1-year-old child was sentenced Wednesday to probation and will be deported to Mexico.

Patricia Ortiz Reyes, 24, was one of three adults convicted in the case and the only one to plead guilty.

Her brother sits in jail, awaiting his sentence, while his wife and their three children fled last week to their native Mexico.

The three adults were charged with felony injury to a child after doctors found that Reyes’ baby suffered bruising, a fractured rib and skull and numerous other injuries. The trio’s explanations did not make sense to the doctors who believed the injuries were caused by abuse. Most recently, the infant has lost all vision in his left eye and head injuries have decelerated his development to one year behind the normal curve.

The child now is in foster care.

Fifth District Court Judge G. Richard Bevan accepted Chief Criminal Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Marilyn Craig’s recommendation that Reyes serve 180 days in county jail and then be deported.

Since Reyes, who was in the U.S. illegally, has already served that time since her arraignment, she now qualifies to be deported.

As for whether she will take her son with her to Mexico, where he was born, or whether he will remain with his foster parents is unclear.

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