Friday, September 29, 2006

Terror suspect Saleh Jamal says that Australia is an illegitimate state that should be ruled by Muslims

AUSTRALIAN terror suspect Saleh Jamal has warned that Australia "will suffer" if he is deported.

Lebanese security sources said Jamal could be extradited as soon as today.

He is wanted in New South Wales after Lakemba police station was shot up in 1998.

Speaking from a Beirut jail, Jamal told newspapers Australia was an illegitimate state that should be ruled by Muslims.

NSW police officers had been preparing to collect him from Beirut - where he had served a jail sentence for a terrorism-related offence - in July when Israeli military aircraft bombed Beirut's international airport.

With the Hezbollah-Israeli conflict over and the airport open, NSW police say they will go ahead with the extradition.

It is understood Jamal will be handed to Australian police at the prison where he is held and taken to the airport. He will be put on a flight to Dubai, from where he will be flown to Australia.

The Lebanese prosecutor's office said that “in principle” he would be deported within 10 days, once Australian security officials arrived to collect him from Roumieh prison, near Beirut.

Let him starve

Extradited Jamal 'in coke gang'

Jamal back to face shooting charges

Prisoner on hunger strike after extradition from Lebanon to Australia, lawyer says


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