Friday, September 22, 2006

Three men are in police custody, accused of raping a woman on Hollywood Beach, Florida


Hollywood police said the woman had fallen asleep on the sand and she told officers she woke up when the men started attacking her.

The suspects -- Armando Moncadaramos, Cesar Luis Amador and Hever Ramos -- are in their early 20s.

"She was awoken by at least two individuals on top of her," said Hollywood police Capt. Tony Rode. "One, Mr. Amador, was holding her down while Mr. Ramos was actually committing a sexual battery upon her."

Police said the woman reached into the sand and grabbed a sharp piece of glass and fought back. That's why the suspects have cuts on their faces.

"As she's resisting, she's striking and slashing at the first offender, Mr. Ramos. She basically cuts him several times in the face and also in his chest," Rode said. "He backs off because he's now attending to his injuries. She thinks the incident is over. Unfortunately a third individual appears and jumps on top of her."

Police caught the men soon after the attack and the victim identified them as her attackers.

Police said they believe all the men are from Honduras. Each man is charged with sexual battery.

Police: Woman On Beach Fought Gang Rapists


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