Friday, September 29, 2006

Woman testifies to being gang raped in MS-13 trial

Keyonna Summers:

A teenager testifying yesterday in the case of two men accused of racketeering while involved with the MS-13 gang said one of the defendants put a gun to her head and ordered at least 10 other gang members to rape her.

The 19-year-old woman said during graphic testimony in a Greenbelt court that defendant Oscar "Casper" Velasquez, 21, ordered the 2003 "ritual rape" after she refused to have sex with him at a party.

"I told him I wasn't going to do anything, that I didn't come to the party for someone to take advantage of me," she said. "He told me if I didn't do it to him that he would tell the other men to do it to me."

The woman, then 16, said the incident began when she and two friends walked out of morning classes at Laurel High School to attend a "skipping party."

She said Velasquez, a friend of one of the girls, picked up the young women, then drove them to a Hyattsville apartment where he briefly danced with her to reggae music.

But a small gathering of about six soon turned into a large party of about a dozen men after one of the young women called her boyfriend, a suspected gang member.

The young woman testified that Velasquez led her to a bedroom, where he kissed her and laid her down on the bed.

She said Velasquez then brandished a gun and threatened to shoot her if she yelled, while another man entered the room and began choking her and a third waved a stick as if he were going to hit her.

An hours-long struggled ensued, she said, with as many as 15 men, including her friend's boyfriend, entering the room every five minutes, each closing the door behind him.

However, she said Velasquez did not rape her.

The woman also did not name Velasquez's co-defendant, Edgar "Pony" Ayala, 28, in the rape. The men face life in prison for conspiracy to participate in a racketeering enterprise in connection with killings, kidnappings, robberies and rapes since 2001. Testimony continues today.

The young woman's testimony yesterday also included her 10-minute 911 call to the Prince George's County Police Department in which she and her friends can be heard crying hysterically.

One of her friends was also gang raped in a separate room.

"I thought they were my friends," one of the young women can be heard saying. "Why would they do this to me?"

The woman who testified said each time the door opened she could see "Oscar standing outside the door looking."

"I was crying," she said. "I was terrified."

Midway through the ordeal, the young woman said, Velasquez entered the room, had her sit on his lap and asked whether any of the men had asked for oral sex before he kissed her and said, "Now you are my woman."

Richard Bittner, Velasquez's attorney, said his client is innocent.

"The prosecutors' allegation is that it was a ritual rape -- part of the culture of MS-13," Mr. Bittner said. But, "he's not a member and he didn't do it."

During cross-examination, Mr. Bittner asked the woman why it took more than a month after the rape to mention the gun to police, rather than the day after "when it was fresh in [her] mind."

Mr. Bittner also asked the woman why, before the rape, she went to the apartment, went for food at McDonald's and then returned if she became "afraid" upon seeing Velasquez flash gang signs as he drove the girls to the apartment.

A spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney's Office in Greenbelt said Ayala's last known address was in Suitland and Velasquez's was in Baltimore.

Velasquez and his family, who were in court yesterday, are permanent legal residents from El Salvador, his attorney said.

Witness Tells Court About Gang Rape in MS-13 Trial

MS-13 leader convicted in Va. murder


At 8:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Hey, let's attend a 'skipping party' with over a dozen MS-13 gang members! What could possibly go wrong?"

At 1:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I thought they were my friends," one of the young women can be heard saying. "Why would they do this to me?"

Ummmm, because they are ignorant, violent Mestizos?

I was just reading the article about Operation Trident, the now eight-year-old 300 policeman team almost all white) dedicated to stopping black people from shooting each other to death in London.

And I wonder, just how many more of these anti-gang warfare and anti-terrorist organizations can the white community support?

Particularly since our numbers are dropping so far and fast.

Pretty soon black people, Hispanics and Muslims are going to have to take care of themselves. We really can't carry them any longer.

At 3:43 PM, Anonymous Finn said...

Pretty soon black people, Hispanics and Muslims are going to have to take care of themselves

Then the fun will really begin.

At 1:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well you noe wat pplz. We need amercia because we have no other ppl to defend us against the danger. You should think about the innocent ppl too. El Salvador was a beautiful country until the mara salvatruchas became. We need yall's white ppl because if we don't have them we die. We need america. Just because of the color or heritage or whatever doesn't mean we aren't good ppl who need help. Everywhere outside America it's hell. You font what it's like. If you go to a country like el Salvador you would probably understand why we need America so much. Because no one else can keep us safe. Ppl migrate over because they want to live a good safe life without fear. Going somewhere with a purse and decent clothes. We need america .

At 3:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is America? What are America's origins?

America is a diverse country, founded by Europeans who trespassed into indians soil. SO all you white folks, why do you set yourself above other races? When this country was founded there was black people. Shit you brought them here! The brown were already here. This is their land. Why do other countries benefit from the U.S support? Because they have benefited from other countries financially. In other words, United Stated would just be repaying what is owed to the countries in trouble. All the countries suffering from conflict amongst the country, can be dated back to some sort of European, U.S involvement.

Also, the drug problems going on in Latin America. Shit, they are caused by the United States. Who exports military guns to México? Where do the drugs come too? What country has the highest demand for drugs? Come on people you can't be ignorant about the Global issues that are occurring. Plus, stop mentioning colors like you were a box of crayola. We are all people!


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