Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Turkish youths turning to radical Islam in the Netherlands

Expatica News:

The continued radicalisation of especially young Muslims remains concerning, the national anti-terrorism co-ordination office NCTb said on Monday.

The NCTb also said it was "remarkable" that a rising number of Turkish youths were finding their way into networks of radical Muslims prepared to use violence against western society.

Earlier, Dutch Turkish youths were appearing occasionally in "jihad networks" made up primarily of North Africans, but there now appears to be whole groups of youths susceptible to radical Islam.

"Frustration over the position of Muslims in the Netherlands and anger over the events in conflict regions give food to the feeling that 'something' must be done," the NCTb said in its quarterly report on the terrorism threat in the Netherlands.

Netherlands: Turkish Youth Turning To Radical Islam

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