Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Abused wives in India pin hope on anti-violence law

Amrit Dhillon:

The new Protection of Women Against Domestic Violence Act gives courts sweeping powers to help abused wives. The culture shock to India's male-dominated society has galvanized new recruits for a counterlobby group -- the All-India Harassed Husbands Association.

"The law is so lopsided that a future generation of men might not get married for fear of losing their property and income," said one member, Akhil Gupta.

The new law recognizes physical violence, marital rape and all kinds of abuse -- emotional and verbal -- as crimes. It also bars men from forcing wives to watch pornography, refusing to let them work or banishing them from their houses.

"I didn't want to file a case against him, but it was becoming unbearable," said Mrs. Kumar, 28, who has two daughters. "The last time, he almost strangled me. This law will let me live at home and stop him torturing me."

Hundreds of wives have registered cases under the new law -- the product of a decade of campaigning by women's groups.

A 2005 U.N. Population Fund report found that 70 percent of married women in India were victims of beatings or rape. Even trivial "misdemeanors," such as burning the dinner, can provoke male violence.

More than two-thirds of married women in India aged between 15 and 49 have been beaten, raped or forced to provide sex


At 3:19 AM, Blogger Swarup said...

SP criticizes Domestic Violence Act

SP criticizes Domestic Violence Act

Dear Editor and Journalist: We acknowledge your article with a well come , but would like to add below , regarding your published article.

1. “Significantly for the first time the SP criticized the Act, which had been largely welcomed in the country. Verma said "ghar mein ab koi kuch kahi nahin sakta (nobody can say anything at home) as he could be hauled up in the court.”
- Your comment “Which had been largely welcomed in the country”, request to make the study instead of assumption , common men/women to Attorney General said this is a Bad LAW and already Four Indian Women Behind the bar due to Ms. Renuka Choudhary’s “Diwali Gift ( DV Act).
More at : http://indiatalking.com/blog/swarup/4486/


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