Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Arizona voters passed Proposition 103 by a near 3-1 margin to adopt English as its official language

Rob Toonkel:

"On the subject of English, Arizona voters have made it clear that they want the government to lead by example," said Mauro E. Mujica, Chairman of the Board of U.S. English Inc. "Their support of Proposition 103 yesterday, following their reform of bilingual education six years ago, shows that Arizonans are calling for assimilation, not separation."

With 100 percent of the precincts reporting, there have been nearly 850,000 votes recorded in favor of Proposition 103 (74.2 percent), with less than 300,000 votes against (25.8 percent). Proposition 103 makes English the official language of Arizona, requiring the government to conduct business in English and limit governmental multilingualism to common-sense activities such as health care, public safety, judicial proceedings and tourism. In 2005, a similar measure passed the Arizona House and Senate, but was vetoed by the Governor. After polls found that a majority of Arizonans disagreed with the governor's action, the measure was re-introduced as a ballot initiative in 2006.

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