Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hinglish - a hybrid of English and south Asian languages, used both in Asia and Britain - now has its own dictionary

BBC News:

It's used on the Indian sub-continent, with English words blending with Punjabi, Urdu and Hindi, and also within British Asian families to enliven standard English.

A dictionary of the hybrid language has been gathered by Baljinder Mahal, a Derby-based teacher and published this week as The Queen's Hinglish.

"Much of it comes from banter - the exchanges between the British white population and the Asians," she says.

"It's also sometimes a secret language, which is being used by lots of British Asians, but it's never been picked up on."

And in multi-cultural playgrounds, she now hears white pupils using Asian words, such as "kati", meaning "I'm not your friend any more". For the young are linguistic magpies, borrowing from any language, accent or dialect that seems fashionable.

A Hindi-English jumble, spoken by 350 million

Hinglish is the pukka way to talk

Kiss my chuddies! (Welcome to the Queen's Hinglish)


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