Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Pakistani Muslim beaten on a Brooklyn street called for federal charges against the five Jewish teens charged in the attack

NY1 News:

"They were raising slogans, ‘Muslim terrorists,’” explained Shahid Amber, a victim of a hate crime. “[They] started cursing me, [saying] go back to your country, scum bags, you just messed this country up and all that."

Amber recalled how it all began. He was eating ice cream in front of a Dunkin Donuts in Midwood, Brooklyn on October 29, when a group of teenagers started yelling ethnic slurs at him. The 24-year-old immigrant from Pakistan said the verbal assault soon became physical.

“One of them, he spit on my face,” said Amber. “As I was cleaning my face, I see a punch coming on my face with a brass knuckle.”

Amber was treated for a number of injuries, including a broken nose, and soon after, the police arrested five teens, all of them Jewish, and charged them with assault as a hate crime. But on Monday, Amber and his lawyers joined several community organizations to say that is not enough. They want the teens to face federal prosecution.

“I would like to make sure that they would be used as an example, that if anyone else who wants to commit the same bias crimes, that there is very strict law that would be applied against them,” said Omar Mohammedi, Amber’s attorney.


Muslim assault victim fears more violence



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