Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Black homicides in Jefferson Parish

Associated Press:

Sheriff Harry Lee said he's ready to take "extreme" measures to curb Jefferson Parish's highest homicide rate since at least 1980, including using video cameras _ some in armored vehicles _ to monitor streetcorner groups and the license plates of cars that travel through targeted areas.

Lee, who last month prompted outrage by suggesting his deputies could randomly question young black men gathered in high-crime areas, said he expects his latest plan to offend some people. But added, "I don't give a damn."

"We will go right up to the line," Lee told a news conference.

So far this year there have been 53 homicides in Jefferson Parish, an 83 percent increase over this time in 2005. Lee said he expects the figure to top 60 by year's end. Most of the victims and the alleged killers are black, sheriff's deputies said. About 45 percent of the killings are drug-related.

Lee said he's frustrated by the growing number of killings, a problem he believes has spread to Jefferson from neighboring New Orleans. That city, which has less than half its pre-Katrina population, had recorded 140 homicides _ also mostly black-on-black _ as of Tuesday afternoon, a police spokesman said.

In Jefferson, Lee's plan includes mounting cameras in armored vehicles and patrol cars, as well as positioning them in high-crime areas. The images would go to a master tape, so, Lee said, "we know who's there."

Lee said he doesn't plan to target blacks, but "bad guys." "If I step on somebody's toes," he said, "so be it."

Jefferson Parish Sheriff is abandoning an idea he had to stop young black men in high crime neighborhoods after complaints from the NAACP


At 3:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If blacks murder and whites don't come in and stop the murders, then the biogoted racists are letting the black community kill each other because they hate blacks and want them eliminated. If whites come in and try and stop the murders, blacks complain that they are being targeted due to white racism and the bigots who hate blacks. Which is it? Advice to Sheriff Lee and yest another "Teaching Moment:" Let these savages murder each other. No matter what you do you will be a racist along with the rest of us horrible, KKK member, Stars and Bars waving white bigots. It will simply be cheaper to clean up the mess and put the bodies in the morgue. If blacks don't give a shit about each other, why should we? Less of them is good for whites anyway, no matter what liberals say about "diversity." Just make sure the killing stays in the black areas and your job is done.
Great job NAACP! You guys do a better job of killing blacks than the Klan and the skins ever could. Thank you for saving us the effort.


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