Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Hong Kong woman has been found guilty of ordering the chopping off of her seven-year-old stepson's right hand

BBC News:

Hung Man-yee, 20, was convicted of wounding after she paid an ex-boyfriend to arrange the attack.

Judge Peter Line said her "deep hatred" of the boy was prompted by jealousy. She wanted the boy's father to give preference to their new-born son.

Sentencing was deferred for psychiatric reports, in a case that has shocked Hong Kong.

Five other people on trial received sentences of between two and 18 years.

The boy, Shum Ho-yin, was attacked by two masked men in August 2005 as he walked home with his grandmother.

While one held the grandmother, the other chopped at the boy's wrist several times in an attempt to sever his hand. He was left with broken bones and severed tendons and nerves.

Judge Peter Line called it "one of the most wicked woundings with intent to cause grievous bodily harm in many years".

He said Hung had been motivated by "deep hatred" of the boy, who she reportedly wanted her husband to give up following the birth of her own son.

Hung's former boyfriend Tsang Ho-wai was found guilty of recruiting three others - two of them 16 - to help in the attack.

The judge condemned Tsang - who he sentenced to 18 years in prison - for showing no remorse.

The boy is reported to have since recovered, though he still has restricted movement in his hand.

Shum attacker tells court of key role by stepmother's ex


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