Tuesday, November 14, 2006

MCRI and diversity

Carol Iannone:

The semi-hysterical diatribe of Mary Sue Coleman, president of the University of Michigan, over the victory of the MCRI indicates the extent to which the concept of "diversity," or outcome-based group equality, has become the new definition of America for many, competing with the older understanding of equality of the individual before the law. An article in the current Academic Questions, "Diversity Trumps Freedom on Campus," by Scott Talkington, examined the websites of a number of institutions, not only in academia, but also in labor, business, media, and religion, and found that for many of them "diversity" was more frequently mentioned than truly foundational American concepts such as "freedom" and "democracy." The article further suggests that in some areas of the culture "diversity" may be replacing the word "equality" altogether as a guiding concept, perhaps because the latter word still suggests for too many people individual and not group equality.

The Big Lie of Diversity

Michigan Prefers Equality - Ward Connerly triumphs again


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