Thursday, December 21, 2006

Duke rape hoax: Nifong the lawbreaker

Wilmington Star:

It's hard to keep track of the North Carolina district attorneys who cheat, break the law and trample the truth in a rush to get convictions - not to mention publicity for their next political campaign.

Now Durham DA Mike Nifong is accused of getting the head of a private laboratory to withhold DNA evidence that might weaken his rape case against those three Duke lacrosse players. The lab director testified under oath last week that Nifong talked him into it.

The DA didn't even dispute it. He just said the players' high-priced defense attorneys hadn't asked for the evidence that might have gotten their clients off the hook.

But state law requires prosecutors to give evidence to defense attorneys whether they ask for it or not. Nifong had to know that - particularly after the uproar over the failure of two other prosecutors to turn over evidence that might have made it harder for them to railroad an innocent man to death row. The State Bar says they also altered documents and lied to the judge.

Of course, Nifong also knew that those two prosecutors have not been prosecuted by their fellow prosecutors. One prosecutor has even become a judge. So you know he's honest.

Nor has Attorney General Roy Cooper asked the General Assembly to give him (and not just local DAs) the authority to go after prosecutors who violate the laws they swore to uphold.

Heaven forbid. The public might lose faith in the integrity of its "criminal justice system" and the honesty of the politicians it elects to prosecute criminals.

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At 8:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If anyone out there still believes that these three lacrosse players even MIGHT be guilty, they should be madder than anyone else at Nifong. It matters not if it's incompetence, stupidity, or malice. Given all he's done so far, any local conviction would certainly be overturned by the first Appeals court to hear the case. These guys could be guilty as sin (although the facts would tend to say otherwise), but because of Nifong they'll certainly walk.

The only real questions are these:
1. How much will this cost the county and state?
2. Why would anyone want to send their kids to Duke when the 'gang of 88' are going to sign racist letters against them and the University President is going to sell them out for political correctness sake?
3. How many other cases are going to go down the tube, because it has now been established that Nifong plays fast and lose with discovery and uses a DNA lab that will tailor its reports to what he wants?

At 4:39 PM, Blogger al fin said...

Duke University is not the only university in North America where the faculty is so saturated with political correctness that it would sell out its entire contingent of white male students if it could.

No, most large universities in North America are just as burdened by anti-european bias. The way they hire new professors and staff guarantees that only the leftist PC applicants will achieve tenure.

The news media would not have given it 1% as much coverage, were the accused black male students and the accuser a young white middle class female. There is a pervasive current of bias in the university and in the media against white males, and affluent whites in general.


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