Friday, December 01, 2006

Flynn and Murray debate the black-white IQ gap


The underclass among blacks seems more prolific than whites. As Flynn notes, this has only a marginal dysgenic effect (he said assuming 30% IQ heritability, that's only 0.5 IQ point degradation in the average per generation--Murray might assume 60% heritability, but the same order of magnitude is at play), but it does suggest that those blacks least able to raise children are more likely to have them.

The debate seems to have moved since the Bell Curve came out. The argument isn't anymore as to whether IQ exists, is important, biased, or persistent in an individual over his life. Instead, the questions are on what is race (not mentioned in this program), and to what degree IQ is heritable. Stephen Jay Gould's favorite mention about the arbitrariness of the g-factor from test scores is totally unmentioned these days, because Gould didn't understand factor analysis.

It seems almost every other week a new finding about blacks lagging whites in some g-loaded task or test occurs, and when the journalists tries to answer why, the whole IQ gap never gets mentioned, rather some vague institutional racism. As Steve Sailer notes (from Orwell), 'To see what is in front of one's nose needs a constant struggle.'

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At 12:51 AM, Anonymous The Superfluous Man said...

[i]The debate seems to have moved since the Bell Curve came out.[/i]
Perhaps, but likely not. The issues you discussed were confirmed by the American Psychological Association and were the accepted views of the psychometric community. Only the partly-genetic explanation of ethnic differences was controversial, which, even then, had majority support among psychometricians (Snyderman,Rothman 1987). And Flynn is among the more honest and civil of those positing an environmental explanation (but has no opposition to a biological basis of race).


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