Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Rabbis sends fliers calling on Jews in an Israeli neighborhood not to rent to non-Jews

Roee Nahmias:

Fliers recently distributed in the Bnei Brak neighborhood of Pardes Katz called on neighborhood residents to refrain from selling or renting houses to Arabs.

"Our homes have become non-Jewish. In Pardes Katz, there are hostile Arabs, not of our people, who have brought to our streets intermarriage, destruction and fear," read the flier.

"We must not agree to an atmosphere so dangerous to our souls and bodies! We cannot allow them to destroy the education of the youth in our neighborhood!" it continued.

The fliers, which were apparently printed to censure recent apartment rentals to Arab students studying in nearby educational institutions, were signed by a group called the Pardes Katz residents' committee.

The fliers also claimed that the "hostile elements bring defilement and assimilation into the neighborhood" and said that they wish to remove all Arabs from the premises.

Bnei Brak rabbis: Don't rent to Arabs

Mazuz asked to investigate rabbis forbidding lease to Arabs

Bnei Brak Rabbonim: Don’t rent to Arabs

Center for fighting racism: Probe Rabbis against leasing to Arabs


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