Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Two members of the armed gang which killed PC Sharon Beshenivsky were Somali asylum seekers with a catalogue of criminal convictions

Sam Greenhill:

From top left: Muzzaker Shah, Mustaf Jama, Hassan Razzaq, Yusuf Jama

Yusuf Abdillh Jama and his older brother Mustaf could not be deported back to their homeland because the Home Office ruled it was too dangerous.

Yet after the murder, Mustaf went on the run -back to Somalia.

There have been reports that he escaped from Britain using his sister's passport, with his face veiled by a niqab.

Yesterday, the officer's heartbroken husband Paul said: "It is absolutely disgusting that this man - a criminal who acts like an animal - is shown human rights. What about my kids, my wife, my family?"

"I'd like these do-gooders that believe in people's human rights to come and explain that to my children.

"Telling them their mum wasn't coming back was the most terrible thing I've ever had to do."

Mr Beshenivsky expressed his fury at the system that put the needs of his wife's killers above those of her family, including her sons Samuel, 13, Paul, eight, and daughter Lydia - whose fourth birthday was on the day her mother died.

He said: "If they are violent and they are asylum seekers in this country, they shouldn't be allowed to stay here, full stop.

"If they had deported them my wife would still be here.

"How many chances do you give people? If they're here as asylum seekers they should abide by our laws and if they don't abide by our laws they should be deported."

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