Thursday, January 11, 2007

Muslim cleric calls white Australians convicts

dpa German Press Agency:

Muslims have a greater claim to Australia than non-Muslims because they arrived as fee-paying immigrants rather than "shackled convicts," the leader of the 350,000-strong community said Thursday. Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali, mufti of Sydney's biggest mosque, made his controversial comments on an Egyptian television station during his annual holiday in the country of his birth.

"We came as free people, we bought our own tickets, we are entitled to Australia more than they are," al-Hilaly said in remarks broadcast on Australia's Seven Network television station.

The sheik made international headlines last year when he said that women who didn't wear the veil were like "uncovered meat" inviting rape.

Prime Minister John Howard, who appointed al-Hilali to a 14-member Muslim advisory body constituted after last year's London bombings, brushed off the comments as merely jest.

"I think it'll bring a wry smile to the face of Australians who don't actually feel the least bit offended that many of our ancestors came here as convicts," he told reporters. "It's almost a badge of honour for many Australians."

Al-Hilai is a controversial figure, having denied the Holocaust, defended suicide bombers, described as "God's work" the 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States, and blamed Jews for "all the wars and problems that threaten the peace and stability of all the world."

After al-Hilali's "uncovered meat" comments, Howard urged moderate Muslims to condemn his views. Instead, they lined up behind the controversial mufti.

"Everybody knows how it can be resolved but it's not in my hands," the prime minister said after al-Hilali's meat analogy. "Australian governments, generally, don't appoint people to religious positions in this country - it is a matter for the flock to decide who its shepherd will be."

As on countless earlier occasions, Islamic Friendship Association president Keysar Trad sprang to the defence of the mufti, saying his remarks in Arabic had been mistranslated and "taken out of context."

Trad said: "It's evident by the controversy that has erupted again that there are people out there watching every comment he makes."

Hilali ridicules nation of convicts

Controversial mufti attacks Australia in TV interview

Elhilaly attacks 'convict' Aussies


At 2:55 AM, Anonymous rtyardahun said...

..I spent eighteen years in Lakemba in an occupation where I had day to day, face to face contact with thousands of Lebanese (and other) Muslims and Christians.Sheikh Hilali was a simple, ignorant,uneducated, unknown ratbag before 9/11. He had a small following of jailbirds and no-hoper(through no fault of their own) Muslims who had no hope of occupying any but the lowest rungs of society.


He blackens the Muslim cause and identity every time he opens his mouth. When it suits him, he hides behind his facade of "me no spikka d'ing" ( I don't speak English.)We now know what he really thinks,and it stinks of stupidity and the cultural and racial prejudices of himself and his apologists.

He has no idea what it means to be "Australian". He admits he can't speak the language.The Muslims of his ilk are the biggest trouble makers in the world. Most of them are incapable of holding paying jobs. They know nothing but pay-back, vendetta, crime and deceit. They put nothing in, but cry like babies if denied their false claims to take out of our welfare, health and Insurance systems. They are bludgers, liars, cheats and confused hypocrites. They are going nowhere because Australia is the land of milk and honey, and they know it. They work harder at avoiding work (as we know it) than they would with real jobs.They grow long nails on their little fingers to show they are not manual labourers.

They stuffed their own countries through religious and tribal warfare, and now want to stuff Australia. In Australia they have freedom of speech,not like back home. There is a boat or plane leaving Australia every day, and they can be on it. The Australian taxpayer will pay their fare, as usual.

Sheikh Hilali and his Islamic Council appointed him "Mufti of Australia", ie a self appointment. What a joke ! He did this to further bludge off the taxpayer through religious funding.I bet if he paid his own way here he did it with someone else's money. Smuggling antiquities is his forte, ie.bludging off the wealth created by others. He couldn't get a real job even picking fly dirt out of pepper.

Let him rave on, thoughtless of the way he is exposing the dirty underbelly of Islam, his community of half-wits,welfare bludgers, dope dealers, pimps,lurk merchants,rapists,and ignorant fundamentalists.He is now enjoying the infamy and fleeting fame of religious controversy, but he is adding nothing to human happiness.
Except mine, now that he is being exposed for the deluded, vain, ignorant fool he really is. Not many real Muslims support him or follow him. His family must be ashamed of him.I apologise to them I have seen them on TV and they seem like nice people.

He has been consumed by delusions of grandeur, and will be destroyed by his own vanity. I hope he also realises he is working for the forces of darkness who need a bogey man to frighten old ladies, little children,and the unthinking man in the street. In this at least he is following in the steps of Bin Laden,who now burns in Hell.

At 8:48 AM, Blogger Adam Lawson said...

He blackens the Muslim cause and identity every time he opens his mouth

True enough, but unfortunately, many politicians pander to the likes of him instead of standing up to him and this will likely continue in the future as more and more Muslims migrate to the civilized nations of the world.

At 8:25 AM, Anonymous joshp said...

i agree with what you said but by the same token don't be racist about it, yes sheik al-hilali (in my opinion) is an absoloute toss pot and there may be many assholes that are muslims but most of them are good people with a minority giving them a bad name. Just remember that there are plenty white Australians who are a blight upon society


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