Tuesday, January 09, 2007

White students in South Africa were being overlooked in favor of poorly achieving black students in the awarding of bursaries


Universities were also discriminating against white students, refusing them entry although they performed better than their black counterparts, spokesperson Ernst Roets said.

"We have in our possession proof of instances in which white students with excellent results were refused entry in favour of black students with greatly inferior marks," he said.

"Special arrangements are made to accommodate black students from Woodhill and Sandton, while white students from poor areas are passed over because they are regarded as 'advantaged'."

Roets named the University of Pretoria as one of the universities "discriminating against white students".

"Rapport reported last Sunday that Stefan Storm of Benoni and J J Baird of Germiston were refused registration at the University of Pretoria despite the fact that both gained eight distinctions in matric."

He said the Youth movement will consult the Human Rights Commission in regard to the "new racism".

"We will issue a report and ask the HRC to undertake further investigations of the complaints."

Roets advised all students who have suffered similar discrimination to call 086 125 2423 or e-mail their complaints to ernst@solidariteit.co.za.

Universities accused of discrimination

Anti-affirmative action campaign launched


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