Friday, February 02, 2007

12 year old assaulted a group of black and South Asian teenagers after being asked 'are you Jewish'?

Daily Mail:

Schoolgirl Jasmine Kranat was attacked after catching a bus back home from her local Asda on a summer Saturday afternoon. The 12-year-old from North London was travelling with a friend. The two girls had bought ingredients to make smoothies for a sleepover. They were talking when a group of nine black and Asian teenagers pushed next to them on the back seat and forced them into a corner. The girls were aggressively asked: "Are you Jewish?" Jasmine's friend was wearing a crucifix - and was untouched during what followed. Jasmine is thought to have been picked on because, although she answered "I'm English", she blushed when being interrogated. CCTV records from the bus show that Jasmine was punched several times in the face until receiving a blow that knocked her unconscious.

Her attackers then stamped on her head and chest as she lay on the floor. Despite the screams of her friend, none of the other passengers came to help. The bus driver turned in his seat to aks if everything was OK.

One of the attackers answered yes, while another ripped a bracelet worth £1 from Jasmine's arm and another went through her pockets. Jasmine was still being stamped on as her friend dragged her to the door and off the bus. Miss Kranat suffered a fractured eye socket, a bruised chest and a swollen face in the attack on 11 August. Two 14-year-old girls have been found guilty of robbery and attempted robbery and are to be sentenced at Harrow Crown Court later this month. A third teenager was found not guilty of robbery.

Anti-semitic attacks hit record high following Lebanon war

How Did the Girls Who Attacked My Jasmine Come to so Hate Jews?


At 11:44 AM, Anonymous pjgoober said...

Robbery and attempted robbery? Doesn't stomping on a persons head after they are unconcious count for a more serious charge than that?

At 3:01 PM, Anonymous Harrison said...

Doesn't stomping on a persons head after they are unconcious count for a more serious charge than that?

Not if the perpetrators are black or Muslim.


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