Thursday, February 22, 2007

New details are coming to light in the alleged rape of a Duke University Freshman

Ken Ward:

Michael Burch

Nearly two weeks after the assault was reported, a search warrant details the incident that led to another rape scandal at Duke University.

The accuser says she danced with suspect Michael Burch, 21, before going into the bathroom. The warrant says Burch followed, forced the accuser to the floor. She says she struck her head on the way down. The warrant says the woman was sexually assaulted while on the floor.

As the accuser left the bathroom in tears she was helped by a friend. She was taken to a car outside the Gattis Street duplex.

The friend then went back into the house, identified the suspect as Chris and called police from the scene. Chris Burch was arrested eight days later and is free on $50 thousand dollars bond while he awaits trial.

Duke Fraternity Rape In The Media–No Lacrosse Players, No News!

Police: Duke employee with alleged rapist

Double Standards

Rape at Duke?


At 10:46 PM, Anonymous Big Bill said...

Like taht white girl in Iowa that was rapes an torched, this white girl wanted a taste of some brown sugar an got burned, too.

Don't they understand? To Muslims and Africans, white girls are sperm receptacles and whores.


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