Monday, February 05, 2007

The South African Police Service must be below 10% white by 2010

Buks Viljoen:

That's according to a confidential report on the latest guidelines for quotas and affirmative action (AA) in the police by commissioner Manoko Aletta Nchwe, who's in charge of the service's career management.

Beeld newspaper has a copy of the report, which is backed by the national commissioner.

The report says that by 2010, the police service must consist of 79% blacks, 9.6% whites, 8.9% coloureds and 2.5% Indians.

At present, the SAPS has 156,180 members, of whom 29,401 are white, that is, between 18% and 19%.

Officers who command the 25 business units in the police have been warned they must comply with the AA guidelines.

Nchwe says attrition can take place through resignations, moving whites to other service points and by offering severance packages.

Dianne Kohler Barnard of the Democratic Alliance said it was typical of the government to ignore the massive crime crisis in South Africa and concentrate instead on transformation.

Hat tip, The Uhuru Guru.


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