Monday, February 05, 2007

A jury has convicted a man of second-degree domestic assault for shoving a cell phone down his girlfriend's throat

Associated Press:

Marlon Brando Gill

Prosecutors said Marlon Brando Gill, 25, of Kansas City, forced the cell phone into Melinda Abell's mouth during an argument in December 2005. Gill denied the charge, claiming that she tried to swallow the phone to prevent him from finding out whom she had been calling.

Abell, 25, of Blue Springs, was rushed to a hospital where doctors removed the phone. Doctors said she nearly died of a blocked airway.

"I think he thought I'd been talking to other guys," Abell wrote in a statement to police after the incident. "If I didn't want him to see my phone, I would have just thrown it out the window and busted it."

It was Gill's second trial since his arrest more than a year ago. Jurors in July were unable to reach a verdict on a first-degree domestic assault charge, which carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Jurors could not agree on a sentence for Gill, which means that decision will be left up to a judge. The assault charge carries a sentence of up to seven years in prison.

To Get First-Degree Assault, You Have To Finish the Job


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