Wednesday, March 21, 2007

An Al Qaeda Muslim convert was issued with nine British passports while plotting to murder thousands of people in a series of terrorist atrocities

Daily Mail:

Dhiren Barot

Muslim convert Dhiren Barot was among 10,000 terrorists and fraudsters who managed to slip through Home Office security checks to secure a travel document every year.

The shocking figure emerged after officials trawled back through a sample of old files to search for fraudulent applications.

They discovered around 16,500 applications made every year are fraudulent - of which 10,000 go undetected.

Last night, the Home Office was frantically sifting through all its old records to put a 'stop' on the passports.

The fact that Barot - considered Osama Bin Laden's 'UK general' until his conviction for plotting mass murder last year - is on the list is an acute embarrassment to the Government.

His trial heard the "vicious and utterly dedicated" terrorist - who was plotting a 'dirty' radioactive bomb attack on London - had regularly claimed to 'lose' his passport in order to cover his tracks. He did not want stamps on them from countries that might arouse suspicion.

But it has only now emerged the 34-year-old managed to successfully obtain nine different passports.

Seven were in his true identity, having

been repeatedly handed over by officials who accepted that his current passport had gone missing.

Alarmingly, a further two were obtained fraudulently, in false identities. The Home office admitted other terrorists were also on the list.

Another man, Moroccan national Salaheddine Benyaich, had two UK passports in the name of a British citizen born in Brighton.

He is currently serving 18 years in Morocco for terrorist offences.

UK: Muslim Terrorists Get Passports Via Fraud

Brits to be grilled in 30-minute interviews to qualify for passports


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