Thursday, March 15, 2007

Britain: Freedom of speech row as talk on Islamic extremists is banned

John Steele:

A leading university has been accused of "selling out" academic freedom of speech by scrapping a talk on links between the Nazis and Islamic anti-semitism after allegedly receiving emails from Muslims protesting about the event.

Matthias Küntzel, a German author and political scientist who specialises in the threat of Islamic fundamentalism, was told yesterday by the University of Leeds that a talk scheduled for yesterday evening, and a two-day workshop, on Hitler's Legacy: Islamic Anti-semitism in the Middle East, had been cancelled because of security fears.

In a statement yesterday, two academics in the Leeds German department, which had organised the event, claimed the university had bowed "to Muslim protests". Dr Küntzel said he had given similar addresses around the world and there had been no problems.

University is accused of censoring anti-Semitic Islam lecture


At 6:09 PM, Blogger Ætheling said...

Interestingly, I saw a History Channel special a few weeks ago talking about the link between Hitler's Nazi government and various Muslim groups and nations. I was wondering whether Muslims had threatened retaliation against the History Channel for this sin.


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