Thursday, March 08, 2007

An ex-sailor, who converted to Islam, has been arrested on terror charges

Associated Press:

A former Navy sailor was arrested yesterday on suspicion of releasing classified information that ended up in the hands of a Muslim accused of financing terrorism.

Hassan Abujihaad, a 31-year-old convert to Islam, is accused in a case that began in Connecticut and followed a suspected terrorist network across the country and into Europe and the Middle East.

He was arrested in his hometown of Phoenix on charges of supporting terrorism with an intent to kill U.S. citizens and transmitting classified information to unauthorized people.

Mr. Abujihaad, who is also known as Paul R. Hall, is charged in the same case as Babar Ahmad, a British computer specialist arrested in 2004 and accused of running pro-Taliban Web sites that raise money for terrorism. Mr. Ahmad is scheduled to be extradited to the U.S. to face trial.

During a search of Mr. Ahmad's computers, investigators discovered files containing classified information about the positions of U.S. Navy ships and discussing their susceptibility to attack.

Mr. Abujihaad, a former enlisted man, exchanged e-mails with Mr. Ahmad while on active duty on the USS Benfold, a guided-missile destroyer, in 2000 and 2001, according to an affidavit released yesterday. Authorities say he purchased videos promoting jihad, or holy war.

In those e-mails, Mr. Abujihaad discussed naval military briefings and praised the Muslim terrorists who attacked the USS Cole in 2000, according to the affidavit by FBI agent David Dillon. The documents retrieved from Mr. Ahmad show drawings of Navy battle groups and discuss upcoming missions. They also say the battle group could be attacked using small weapons such as rocket-propelled grenades.

Never trust a guy called "Father of Jihad"...

Muslim U.S. Sailor Spied for Al-Qaeda


At 11:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whe they are done court marshalling this fuck, give him a bullet in the head and an unmarked grave. Unbelievable. Actually, it is believable. The man who is the head of the military, in other words, president Bush keeps telling us how islam is a religion of peace and how muslims are loyal, good Americans. Total bullshit. How many incidents have we had so far? Remember this? I do.,,30000-1084723,00.html

And how many more do we need? I'll say it again, These people are not to be trusted. Remember, this is wht all muslims want and this is what islam tells them to do. He was being a good muslim.

As somebody serving in the military, I do not trust muslims in the services. It is easy for Bush and high echelon staff to not have a problem with it, but what about me and my men? We all need to sleep sometime and nobody has eyes in the back of their head. I have no problem fighting these people in Iraq, it is my job. I expect them to try and kill me if they can. But why let them into the military. We need to be able to trust each other to live. Just what we need, another reason to watch our backs. Who knows what this guy gave these jihadis? I'm just glad I'm not in the Navy.


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