Friday, March 09, 2007

Heroin and an illegal alien from Mexico


The next time Henry Ramirez-Becerra crosses the border from Mexico into the United States, he ought to be thrown in prison for the rest of his life. That probably won’t be for at least three years, however, because that’s how long Ramirez-Becerra is scheduled to be in prison in Ohio.

Ramirez-Becerra is an illegal immigrant — but he is far from the typical Mexican who comes into this country illegally. He had been apprehended once by federal authorities for being in this country illegally and selling heroin. He was deported.

He came back — and was arrested in Belmont County, also for selling heroin.

On Monday, as a result of a plea agreement with the prosecuting attorney, Ramirez-Becerra stood before Belmont County Common Pleas Court Judge Jennifer Sargus. Under terms of the plea agreement, she had to sentence him to three years in prison. After he serves that time and, perhaps, several months more for violating terms of probation on the previous charge, Ramirez-Becerra will be deported to Mexico — again.

We can’t speak for Sargus, but we suspect that the judge would have liked to toss Ramirez-Becerra in a prison cell and throw away the key — but for the fact that every day he spends in jail here costs American taxpayers money. Sargus did note that before Ramirez-Becerra leaves this country, he will have to provide a sample of his DNA to law enforcement officers.

Ramirez-Becerra is typical of some Mexican criminals who don’t see being deported for their misdeeds as a problem. They simply wait a few months — or, perhaps, even days — and sneak back across the border to reap quick, dirty profits by selling illegal drugs.

This time, he should stay in Mexico. If he comes back, he ought to be sentenced to a life term at the most unpleasant “hard time” prison available. Clearly, he and others like him are not deterred by current policies concerning illegal aliens who are repeat offenders.

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