Friday, March 02, 2007

A jury has found a man guilty of murdering a young mother on a Hagerstown street corner

Angela Bohon:

Demetrius McDaniels

Jurors decided it was not premeditated but the death of Trisiviah Rodriguez is still first degree murder.

Demetrius McDaniels was found guilty of felony first-degree murder for gunning down Trisiviah Rodriguez at the intersection of Franklin and Locust Streets last July. Prosecutors said it happened during an attempted armed robbery.

McDaniels and another man, Raheen Edwin, were both arrested in connection with the crime. Edwin has already pleaded guilty to attempted first degree murder. The State's Attorney's Office says they accepted the guilty plea because evidence points to McDaniels as the person who actually fired the fatal bullet.

"It's a big relief. I was really nervous. I couldn't sleep at all last night,” said Rodriquez’s stepmother Talita Rodriguez.

Even though nothing will bring her daughter back, she's glad to know someone is paying a price for the murder.

"The man that did this, he got what he deserved,” says Rodriguez.

The State's Attorney says all evidence shows Rodriguez was an innocent bystander. In fact, surveillance video shows someone attempting to rob another man, Russell Walker, at the same location and around the same time. One theory is that Walker was the intended target.

Nevertheless, the jury came back with a long list of guilty verdicts, meaning McDaniels could get life in prison.

"It shows that neither the Hagerstown Police Department nor the State's Attorney's Office can or will tolerate street violence. It's unacceptable,” says State’s Attorney of Washington County Charles Strong. “We will prosecute fully as we have done in this case."

Meanwhile, the victim's baby girl, Taliss, will likely grow up with a lot of questions.

"She's starting to walk now, and she's gotten several teeth. It's a shame that she's not able to know her mom,” says Rodriguez.

A sentencing date has not been set.

'When I came back out, she was dead'


At 11:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hagerstown used to be a nice place. When I was in school in central PA I used to visit other colleges and party down there. I read this and wondered what happened down there and then I saw the photo. I can't say I'm shocked. Niggers ruining things again.

At 10:24 PM, Blogger lalameach said...

well first of all i am a young lady that is very close to the man accused of murdering trisiviah rodriguez. Yes it was a very sad thing that happen but for the ignorant NIGGER who commented on it, i wanna say that your a NIGGER for saying some ignorant shit like you looked at the picture and said "NIGGERS RUINING SHIT AGAIN"! so that's the 1st thing you say when you see a young black man accused for murder. So tell me if that man was white would you have said "NIGGERS RUINING SHIT AGAIN". NO i don't think so. You know how many white mothafuckas kill people, chop bodies up and shit, so therefore i don't think us black mothafuckas are niggers cause were black or a young black man accused of mureder is a nigger, or is ruining shit again cause all fucking races commit murders everyday in life. You don't know that fucking man in the picture and i garuantee you if you did know him you would be shocked to know that he was accused of such a horrible thing. Wether he did it or not I know for fact he didn't mean too and is truely hurt behind it, and that's only if he did it! As far as the BITCH or Bastard that said that ignorant shit{oh excuse me}but the NIGGER who said that shit needs to get a grip of todays world and learn not to be racis! BITCH...


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