Thursday, April 12, 2007

England: A Jamaican-born Muslim convert who urged followers at a mosque to kill Jews, Hindus and Americans, will soon be freed from prison

This is London:

Sheikh Abdullah El-Faisal

A "preacher of hate" jailed for inciting murder is using human rights laws to mount a High Court challenge to attempts to eject him from the country.

Sheikh Abdullah El-Faisal, a Jamaican-born Muslim convert who urged followers at Brixton Mosque to kill Jews, Hindus and Americans, is due to be freed within weeks after serving two thirds of a seven-year sentence.

The Home Office is seeking to respond by deporting the preacher - described as a "strong influence" on 7/7 bomber Jermaine Lindsay - on the grounds of his continuing threat to national security.

El-Faisal, a twice-married father of four, has lodged an appeal, arguing that deportation would be a breach of his human right to a family life.

A date for the hearing has yet to be set and with further appeals possible, officials say that the legal process - which is likely to cost taxpayers tens of thousands of pounds - is likely to drag on for many months.

The legal challenge, being mounted under article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, is certain to anger critics of the legislation. It will also raise fresh doubts about the Government's ability to carry out Tony Blair's promise to deport all foreign convicts.

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