Thursday, April 05, 2007

Pakistan: Cleric plans an Islamic revolution through his female students

United Press International:

A Pakistani cleric, who heads a girls' school in Islamabad that stages pro-Islamic law protests, plans an "Islamic revolution" in the country.

Maulana Abdul Aziz, who leads the Jamia Hafsa girls madrassa and a similar boys school in the capital, told the Dawn newspaper his students are determined to enforce Shariah, the legal code of Islam, across the country.

His girl students have occupied a library for two months to protest a government move to demolish unauthorized mosques. Last week, students abducted three women and accused them of running brothels.

"We will start our Islamic revolution in Islamabad on Friday by launching a crackdown on CDs, DVDs and other secular activities. ... We have full support of madrassas in various cities."

As to funding, he told Dawn: "Whenever we are short of essential items we close our eyes and demand the goods from Allah. Within a few minutes, we find the desired things in our kitchens."

Aziz also told the newspaper that he supports the Taliban in Afghanistan and South and North Waziristan and that his students had joined the Taliban on their own.

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