Thursday, April 05, 2007

Uganda's adultery law has been scrapped by the Constitutional Court because it treated men and women unequally

BBC News:

The law made it an offence for a married woman to have an affair, but it allowed a cheating husband to have an affair with an unmarried woman.

The attorney general said the move may encourage immorality and promiscuity.

In the same ruling, the court also scrapped parts of the Succession Act which gave more rights to men on the death of their wives, than to widows.

The attorney general had asked the court to consider amending the law, should it rule in favour of the women's case.

But the court did not have the mandate to make such amendments, and decided instead to scrap the law completely, says the BBC's Sarah Grainger in the capital, Kampala.

Extra-marital affairs are now legal.

Uganda scraps "sexist" adultery law


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