Monday, April 09, 2007

Pakistan's government says it will take action against the head of a radical mosque in Islamabad, following his recent comments

BBC News:

Maulana Abdul Aziz said he was ready to set up an Islamic court to stop "vulgar activity" and warned of suicide attacks if the state acted against the mosque.

A government official said restraint would be used to deal with the matter, to avoid "a law and order situation".

He said negotiations were under way to stop a repeat of the "silly remarks".

The government is facing calls to clamp down on students in two madrassas attached to the mosque, whom human rights groups say are "terrorising ordinary citizens in the name of Islam".

If the government does take action, "our last resort will be suicide bombings", Mr Aziz declared to thousands of followers during Friday prayers.

He also demanded that the government close down Islamabad's video shops and brothels within one month.

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