Friday, May 04, 2007

An African-American radio talk show host said he's happy the mother of his radio rival is dead

Michael McGee Sr

Michael McGee Sr. made the comments during his radio show on WNOV-AM Thursday morning. Charlie Sykes is a radio talk show host on WTMJ-AM. Sykes' mother, Katherine B. Sykes, died in a house fire Tuesday. The Ozaukee County Coroner said Thursday that Sykes died of smoke inhalation.

McGee's words quickly spread on the Internet as bloggers picked up the story. At least one radio host talked about it on his show Thursday afternoon.

McGee and Sykes have been publicly battling for years, but even in the world of talk radio, some are saying the comments made are extreme.

"Mother Sykes, she dead. To me it's the vengeance of God. I ain't got no tears. Matter of fact a woman that would have a fool like that deserve whatever is coming her. She raised a sure enough idiot," McGee said on his radio show. "My instincts say Charlie Sykes killed his momma, cuz she live out in this big palace in Mequon all isolated. He got tired of waiting for her money."

McGee's comments came about 15 minutes into his show. He went on for about five minutes and then moved on to a different topic, but later in the show a caller asked about it.

"Mike McGee Senior," the caller began, "You really don't mean that, about your enemies families members being dead -- killed."

"Man, you don't think I mean that, man, you out of your mind," McGee replied.

Coroner: Radio Host's Mother Died Of Smoke Inhalation

A radio hatemonger in Milwaukee


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