Monday, May 07, 2007

India: An elderly husband and wife were burnt to death in Andhra Pradesh after villagers accused them of practising black magic


"The aged couple died screaming for help," said police superintendent P.V. Sunil Kumar.

Sayanna, 70, and his 61-year-old wife, Pochamma, were set ablaze after being doused with kerosene.

Both were farm labourers living near Hyderabad who also practised traditional medicine. Police have arrested six villagers for the incident.

Belief in black magic is common in some parts of rural India, despite the country's robust economic growth and cutting-edge high-technology industries.

Dozens of women are murdered each year after being accused of witchcraft.

Last year, a barber in Uttar Pradesh killed his four-year-old son by slitting his throat with a razor after the man started seeing visions of the Hindu goddess Kali demanding a sacrifice.

India : Man kills little son to 'appease' goddess


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