Friday, May 18, 2007

A Jamaican man who has been charged with manslaughter, will soon hear whether he could face deportation from Britain

Radio Jamaica:

A judge is to rule whether 26-year-old Daemon Lodge is guilty of manslaughter or was acting in self defence, when he stabbed a stranger in the heart.

Superior Court Justice Roland Haines set the date for his ruling after hearing final arguments and more of Mr. Lodge’s testimony during the trial on Thursday.

A man was found dead on the stairwell of an apartment building on August 5, 2005.

Two people who had been with him said he died during a botched drug deal.

Mr. Lodge maintains he stabbed the man during an attempted robbery when he was swinging a steel bar at him.

However, Assistant Crown attorney Peter Kierluk argued that Mr. Lodge never testified to believing his life was in danger.

Mr. Lodge told the court he came to London from Toronto in 2004 because he had been in drug trouble with the police.

He said a manslaughter conviction could lead to his deportation back to Jamaica.

He also has a record dating back to 2001 for theft and carrying a concealed weapon.

Mr. Lodge said it was a small knife which he did not know was prohibited.

Mr. Lodge admitted he smoked marijuana every day and used cocaine occasionally.

Let's hope this creep is deported.


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