Thursday, May 03, 2007

Murdered woman's ring given to suspect's wife

Travis Pittman:

Sione Lui, right, is suspected of killing fiance Elaina Boussiacos

The engagement ring belonging to a Woodinville woman murdered six years ago has been found, apparently given to a woman now married to the accused killer, say sheriff's deputies.

Sione Lui is currently out of jail on $750,000 bail in the murder of Elaina Boussiacos'. Police believe he beat and choked the 26-year-old to death.

Her body was found in the trunk of a car at a Woodinville fitness club, just a half-mile from her Woodinville home.

King County Sheriff's deputies say when Boussiacos' was found, she was not wearing her engagement ring and detectives couldn't find it in the home where Boussiacos' and Lui lived. Lui told them he didn't know where it was.

Detectives did find a receipt for the ring from Fred Meyer made out to the couple in Boussiacos' car.

While interviewing Lui's wife, detectives say she allowed them to take pictures of her engagement ring, which she believed came from a pawn shop.

One of Boussiacos' best friends looked at the photos and said it was an exact match to Boussiacos' ring.

Detectives also discovered the type of ring sold to Lui and Boussiacos' in 2000 is still being sold by Fred Meyer, which they compared to the one listed on the receipt.

Based on that, detectives think Lui gave his wife Boussiacos' engagement ring, which they have since taken from Lui's Arlington home.

Investigators got suspicious of Lui when they determined someone else had dressed Boussiacos and found Lui's DNA on her shoestrings. They also found inconsistencies in his statements.

In one interview with KING 5 News, Lui referred to Boussiacos in the past tense while he was putting up missing person posters of her.

Boussiacos' family believes Lui killed her because she had recently broken off their engagement when she found out he had cheated.

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