Monday, June 18, 2007

Denmark: A group of fundamentalist Muslim parents has been calling the shots at a Copenhagen nursery school since February

Copenhagen Post:

Members of the fundamental Islamic organisation Hizb ut-Tahrir with children at the Salam day care centre in Copenhagen have taken control of its operations by obtaining a majority on its parental committee, according to Berlingkse Tidende newspaper.

In February the group took over after the school's two female administrators quit in protest of the difficulties Hizb ut-Tahrir parents were creating for the centre's operations. The Islamic group was refusing to allow the school's 25 Muslim children to participate in singing and dancing and required both an Islamic dress code and boys and girls to be segregated.

It was revealed that after a Christmas trip to Copenhagen Zoo, during which the children were given Santa Claus hats to wear, the committee members required the hats to either be thrown out or cut into pieces, claiming they forced Christian traditions onto the children. The group has allegedly been operating the school according to traditional Islamic law since the two administrators quit.

Since that time, the formerly private-run centre has no longer been receiving state funding and is now being administered by the City of Copenhagen. The city is still trying to find new leadership for the school and has sent letters to the children's parents informing them that they must either allow the city to run the centre or it will be closed.

Political criticism has rained down on the Salam school board since the newspaper's revelations.

'This case demonstrates that there is a parallel society in Copenhagen that plays by its own rules, and we will not accept that,' said Martin Geertsen, deputy mayor for cultural affairs.

Denmark: Islamists Seize Power In Kindergarten

Hitzb ut-Tahrir takes over Danish kindergarten


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