Friday, July 06, 2007

An illegal immigrant from Pakistan who had sex with a schoolgirl is to be deported after completing a 15-month jail sentence

Wendy Barlow:

Rocky Plaha, 24, will be taken into the custody of the immigration services as soon as he is released from jail and then placed in a detention centre.

Plaha, who started a relationship with the Brierfield girl when she was 14, will then within days be put on a plane back to Pakistan.

Speaking after the case, Detective Inspector Derek Jones said: "I am very sure the victim of the offence and the victim's family will be reassured by the sentence and also by the fact that the man will be deported from the UK on his release."

Burnley Crown Court was told that Plaha had intercourse with her when she was 15.

The girl had met the defendant when he was working as a waiter in London, felt a 'powerful attraction to him' and had lied about her age, the court was told.

They planned to elope, but Plaha backed down after learning her real age but the pair still had unprotected sex, the court heard.

Plaha, who had also lived in Wales, admitted two counts of sexual activity with a child, between October and November 2005 and in April 2006. He was jailed for 15 months.

The court was told that Plaha has been on remand 271 days and served the equivalent of an 18-month sentence.

Police said they were expecting him to be released in the next few weeks, when he will be deported.

Good riddance!


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