Thursday, July 26, 2007

Scotland: Two men of South Asian background who raped and threatened to kill a young woman have been imprisoned for a total of 12 years

BBC News:

Their terrified 26-year-old victim told the High Court in Glasgow that one of her attackers called her "white scum" during the prolonged ordeal.

Ranna Singh, 26, and Mohammed Yousaff, 35, both from Glasgow, were each jailed for six years after denying rape.

They will be monitored in the community for two years after their release.

Temporary judge Alistair Stewart QC said: "You were both convicted of a nasty, unpleasant crime.

"You put a vulnerable young woman through what must have been a terrifying ordeal.

"At the end of it she was left in the countryside on a cold November night wearing very few clothes."

The court heard that Singh raped the victim first, then minutes later as Yousaff raped the traumatised woman, Singh taunted her by calling her "white scum."

The court heard the ex-prostitute had been forced back onto the streets after three years by her boyfriend to pay for his drug debt.

The ordeal happened on her first night back.

Paul Kearney, prosecuting, said: "This woman was subjected to a forceful and degrading ordeal.

"She was told: 'Just do as we tell you or your going to be murdered and put in the waterfront'. She thought she was going to be killed."

In evidence, the woman said that at first the pair had been pleasant and charming.

But she said that changed when they arrived at the quiet road adjacent to the B776 road, near Bowfield House, Howwood, Renfrewshire.

The court was told that the men threatened to kill her. She was shown a knife and told it would be used on her.

She begged them for a cigarette and used it to burn Yousaff before fleeing.

The court heard that she hid under a hedge until she heard their car drive away. She eventually managed to flag down a passing motorist who took her to Johnstone police station.

Both men were questioned by police after forensic evidence linked them to the crime scene.

When interviewed by police Singh asked: "How can you rape a prostitute?"

During their trial both men denied rape and claimed any sex was consensual.

The jury took around two hours to convict the men of threatening to kill the woman, presenting a knife at her and raping her on 19 November, 2005.

Both men were placed on the sex offenders' register.



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