Thursday, August 09, 2007

Asians in Britain are five times less likely to marry outside their race than the white population

BBC News:

The poll for the BBC's Asian Network found that 44% would not consider a partner who was not Asian too.

One mixed-race couple interviewed for the station's report were Nayyar and Waleed from west Manchester.

When Nayyar was growing up, her parents had a clear idea of who they wanted her to marry - someone Pakistani, Muslim

and from the same extended family back home.

But when she introduced them to the man she wanted to settle down with, he didn't tick any of their boxes.

He was a Jamaican called Vinnie Walters, or Waleed after he converted to her faith.

"When I first told them about him, I was a bit worried," Nayyar says. "Which is why I left the fact he was Jamaican to the last thing I told them.

"It was like, 'Oh, he's a high school teacher and he's really nice', I didn't want to say too much about where he was from."

After giving him the third degree, they did come round, but this poll found young Asians were half as likely to choose a black partner than the white population, so Nayyar broke a double taboo.

More Black Women Marrying Men of Other Races, Census Reveals


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